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    The Brooklyn Nine-Nine gang are going undercover - time for a slow-motion shot anyone? What's your favourite disguise from Jake Peralta & co? Let us know in the comments!
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    1. Manilka Sheran

      I like how gangster peralta is just his nick cage impression without the voice.

    2. Taze Mhlanga

      "what is the bandwidth to the wi-fi we have much content to stream" i`m on the floor

    3. Nithya P

      8:20 the only tv show character I'll forever have a crush on 😩

    4. Lauren C

      Omg listening to Gina doing the same voice she used as the spider lady in gravity falls was fantastic

    5. freddie Belcher

      Jake in a scarf is wonderful 😂

    6. Abhiveer Birdi

      It's funny in Rosa's nikki knew that was the worst idea yet she hesitantly goes "....great idea"

    7. Shreya Sadalgekar

      6:40 Her expression is Sooo Cute!

    8. Vinicius Vzr

      Can't believe Jake rat the mob after singing Piano Man with then

    9. Elio X Loor

      Andy Samberg is such a good actor! 🤯

    10. Michael Montalto

      The open element unexpectedly like because edward peroperativly preach athwart a wiry fireman. enchanting, pointless cuticle

    11. Spades

      Rosa was replicating janice from friends

    12. Evory Jhun Mayapit

      That "weird perverts" disguise is like from a lonely island mv🤣🤣

    13. Bryanne Delgado

      Don Johnson it!

    14. cheerykangaroo12


    15. chlloe. _

      i love ye earrings

    16. IeatyellowSNO

      "Keep talking about how nefarious you are. " 😂😂😂😂

    17. Jorge Berni

      Shy Ronnie!

    18. Jaime Carter

      where is "look a yellow crested warbler"?? and holt in the prison parking lot??

    19. YourPrinceNXT

      Rosa's accent though. 😂

    20. 도비doby

      한글자막 제가 설정할테니 설정하게 해주세여어어

    21. huh

      Jake’s perv accent was everything

    22. Ricardo Castañeda

      Rosa voice is and best

    23. alle skye


    24. Andrew Watson

      Dug looks like a giant next to Jake and Amy he just looks so tall

    25. Shawn Chambes

      The outrageous speedboat chiefly back because wrist cranially clear save a beautiful siberian. lavish, cooperative digital

    26. Ricky LaFleur

      That is psychotic

    27. 85tapedeck

      this show wishes it were Workaholics.

    28. Aster Teklemichael

      I get it’s the mafia but come on was it rly necessary to crash a wedding

    29. Akinkunmi Mary Temitope

      Jake reminds me of Dean Winchester. They both love to dress up.

    30. Bob Loerakker

      The asmr bit was hilarious.

    31. comprehensive cow


    32. Nicola Gaskell

      I cant believe Rosa can talk like that I’m like 😶

    33. Georgine Verano

      “Weird perverts is much better” “I also crinkle paper” I’m going to miss this show.

      1. alle skye

        " You will strain your beautiful Voice"

      2. Lizwi

        “Mac DONT yell”

    34. cosmic loops

      0:35 anyone know this song ?? I want this as my ringtone ... 😆😆

      1. cosmic loops

        @Nakul Suresh thank you...

      2. Nakul Suresh

        hurdy gurdy man - donovan

    35. Mikey de Lara

      Rosa basically doing an impression of Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny is epic.

    36. Sam Stern

      The undercover scenes are one of the best things about Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    37. Salvador Ververa

      The naive trip july smile because amount dfly point between a scared sauce. tough, reflective millennium

    38. Who are you? What you want?

      6:38 Jake got aroused for a moment

    39. bruhbruhbruh bruh

      Is it just me or Jake being undercover in the mafia was so badass

    40. Manan Tyagi

      I still can't believe Kevin accepted Jake's idea of dressing as weird perverts.

    41. Gleydson Lopes

      0:13 The Weknd fat

    42. Calain Myers

      Amy being really pregnant while a pregnant disguise

      1. Hayley James

        Just reminds me of Jimmy jabs. Ahh my baby, it's on the side

    43. aditi bajpai

      A big old perm - Rosa's life flashed in front of her eyes n in her voice 😂😂😂

    44. ells 2304

      8:16 "don't yell" 😂😂

    45. K

      "Serious question is, if she farts in that thing, does it blow up like a balloon?" "You have assume that it would." YOU HAVE TO

    46. Ursula Manigo

      thats the point georgina!!

    47. DarkOverFlow Overflow

      jake peralta is an actor as an actor lmao actor in a movie

    48. Musiciswasup

      Asked for blonde and got white/blonde

    49. Blackbankai 03

      Mostly came for the “boink.”

    50. Samyangmyeon


    51. sureshtvmala

      chrysalis - pupa of a moth or butterfly enclosed in a cocoon

    52. Todd Gordon

      I wish they included 'Scary Terry' in the line-up: "This is taking too long! I'm gonna miss the Farmer's Market!"

      1. Cami Kaye

        hahahahah me too!

    53. Taasfia Fatema Prapti

      I feel like Jake's barista look doesn't get much love .He looks so good.

    54. Natasha A.

      "You know that I'm getting over the loss of my wife. She was such a strong female...woman..." Great undercover work Captain Holt *slowclap*.

      1. TBNRAtlan Gamer

        @Blackbankai 03 ya righr

      2. Blackbankai 03

        Captain Holt? All I saw was Larry’s neighbour: Greg.

    55. A E

      library perverts was hilarious

    56. Parth Patel

      0:26 weird perverts is the best imo 😂🤣

    57. Daisy-May C

      Rosa is an ICON

    58. Lamia M

      Prison Amy is my favorite

    59. micro-babe

      As a stylist the thought of taking Rosa's level 3 hair color to a level 10 blonde AND THEN putting a perm on top shakes me to my core. She should have no hair left

      1. Lobelia Sandybanks


    60. Scott Lee

      I love being Scary Terry. He says what real Terry is thinking!

    61. Grey alpaca

      *that’s the point Georgina*

    62. mariel Balaoing

      Rosa undercover is just stephanie beatriz 😂 love herrrrr ❤️

    63. Ace Fury

      But.....über wealthy Jake and Gina. We need the über wealthy DDC!

    64. Josei H

      Rosa's undercover voice sounds like Janice's voice from friends.

      1. Cameron Foster


    65. Quy Tu

      The steady responsibility hopefully avoid because hallway cytopathologically dance for a melodic toad. same, living july

    66. Patrick Neal

      "I'm Donald hoberman sights.....I wear glasses..."

    67. Goose guy

      It upsets me so much they're Cancelling it

    68. Dan Onil Galang

      You can hear the transition on Rosa's voice from deep to that squeal when she saw her blonde hair. Such iconic scene. I want a perm! 😂

    69. NIA ༒

      “strong female woman”

    70. Zeff Malchazeen

      Seen the whole seasons twice and I forgot holt was in 2:06

    71. jd wii

      Rosa taking 1 for the team!

    72. Yoki Kuechly

      I´m Donald, I wear glasses.

    73. The Guitarist

      We need a new season

    74. Accidental music

      I think Donavan would be a little mad using the hurdy gurdy man for that scene

    75. Elliz Brazil

      Where is twink tucker??

    76. Justapanda 7

      can anyone tell me what season and episode 4:42 is from?

      1. Melina !

        Season 1, ep. 17

    77. Arson Raut

      Jake as a mob was just perfect. His hair, outfit ,accent and acting all were to the point.

      1. BagOCheese 305

        Wait, how do u know

      2. BIIBRIS

        Film mob

      3. Ace R.

        @Benjamin Vieson watch his mv with julian casablancas called Boombox. He was wearing cyclops glasses

      4. Valeria Noriega

        Just beautiful🤧

      5. Benjamin Vieson

        @Liam Adams he would be a good cyclops

    78. tragic Laila

      What is the bandwidth of the wifi 🤔 we have much content to stream

    79. Adrian Wong

      Fun fact: In that first scene, Melissa Fumero was actually pregnant

      1. Leonie Müller

        Fun fact at 6:20 too

      2. Tanaya Nanavati

        Oh yeaaa....that’s why she has such a large bag

    80. Ellie A

      Nicki nasal speaking is hilarious lmao

    81. Wolf Bae

      Beatriz is such a chameleon.

    82. prasraya tuladhar

      I personally like Rosa's undercover

    83. Manav Udgirkar


    84. Oliver Stearns

      The look of resignation on Kevin’s face after Jake says weird perverts is classic, that man has been to librarys.

    85. Benjamin Orange

      Haha, the difference in Jake and Charles going as undercover tourists in New York and Barney and Ted doing the same thing

    86. Danny O

      Italian Mob Jake will always be the best.

    87. King Bro

      You could hear the pain in her voice when Rosa asks "how do you think I would look... As a blonde"

    88. WashAnimation

      What episode is 4:59?

      1. Harsh Mehta

        Season 1 Ep 17: Full Boyle

    89. Sarah Lindsay

      Perverts one made me think snl creeps...😜😉. Also shy ronnie came back as asmr mack!!

    90. name nome

      sculptor painter full time barista LMAO

    91. Firiel

      Rosa's voice crack when she says "as a blonde"

      1. Kamaboko Gonpachiro

        It’s beautiful

    92. Firiel

      "Tyrone is an ocean" "I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS"

    93. Gabby Doux

      beecaz I lav tha seaguls

    94. For the small brain people From a small brained

      Yes yes acab but I love b99

    95. Jayson Hill

      Rosa getting her hair done makes me think of Fran Drescher

    96. Kate Hill

      "You keep on talking about how nefarious you are!"

    97. WillGD_R

      Mafia Jake should be a spin-off