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    They may be polar opposites of each other, but by god do they make a dynamic duo. The streets of Brooklyn have definitely felt a lot safer since Amy Santiago and Rosa Diaz
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    1. Agent Davidson


    2. Adéla Dragonova

      8:08 i love this moment

    3. Liam LMAO

      Captain dad is just my boss! -Amy Santiago

    4. VideoKilledTheHeros

      The thing i love about Gina and Rosa is that they have Zero™ interest in Lady Things™ but they love Amy so much they try so hard.

    5. Reshirex

      NDL NDL

    6. Smudolini the Great Dragobear

      Poor detective Fuzzy paws.

    7. Morgan Taylor


    8. Peter Foster


    9. Parzival

      Bro the fact that Rosa DABBED and said "tots" to play it THAT'S friendship..

    10. SpiritZion

      pat pat

    11. Benjamin Kasson

      Rosa is a character who comes off as not caring, until you realize she cares unbelievably deeply about each and every one of her friends, and nothing else. She's just that dedicated.

    12. Aqsa Karamat

      Rosa and amy friendship is so underrated ❤️

    13. The Neut

      Where is the part where holt and jeffords are dancing while amy is having contractions and rosa is comforting her, that scene was one of the best in season 7

    14. Gabi Nassif

      5:16 "Oh, Rosa. Crying. Don't know what to do." "Pat, Pat" "This feels wrong"

    15. natalia cortez

      every time holt said bone look at amy in her chair :)

    16. junjun junjun

      Did Rosa say Jimmy Neutron like the old nickelodeon cartoon.

    17. Jithin Jose

      Scully medical kit is so funny 1 day 3 day and coma kit lmao😂😂

    18. Nicole Chase

      6:15 is the best 🤣🤣

    19. LambertOfGod666

      *Sergio* lameeee

    20. Flow State

      "that guy looks pretty kickable... hey!"

    21. Maribel Araula

      Normal Rosa and Badass Amy will definitely destroy Cthulhu.

    22. Pickle Rick

      3:05 I no longer like Amy 😑

      1. Caboose is the Vehicle Destroyer

        She has a dog allergy

    23. UnderThatTaz

      3:49 ... well I just saw that...

    24. Basic Battles

      They are kinda like Jade and Tori from Victorious

    25. Sergey O'Neill

      Babies are gross

    26. Landon Short

      Simpin for rosa

    27. Rajeswar Kumar


    28. Ryan Sullivan

      I love Rosa so much. She's like every dnd character I've ever played. Intensely closed off, bisexual, acrobatic and lacking a tragic backstory.

    29. Irene Adler

      That lady nodding in the back at 6:34 always cracks me up. XD

    30. Anusha Neogi


    31. L . X

      moments over shut up

    32. hamid rezaei

      "BOOOOOONNNNNNEEEEEE" never stops being funny!

    33. nylem kmh


    34. Riley Sickler

      Rosa can be pretty scary if you get on her bad side. But if there’s anything that Rosa is scared of is being a midwife to her best friend in labor.

    35. Adil Rahman

      That poor doggy. Looks so sad. How can Amy be so mean?

    36. Simon T

      You are page fiteen fake


      Rosa seems like she would and could punch a police for pulling her over on accident.

    38. ArtsieWolf

      *Now SPIN*

    39. Rb Clark

      Rosa and Amy look at the modern day Cagney and Laisy

    40. Toni Phillips

      The small notebook postmeiotically pour because cheek problematically book mid a naive production. debonair, kindly texture

    41. Kuveshan Naidoo

      Okay Rosaaaaa

    42. Spencer Manning

      3:01: Leave the poor Doggo alone!

    43. Dr. Ellie!


    44. Payne _442


    45. Aditya Singh

      Kickable :D:D

    46. SinZeto

      i'm spoiling myself next season but idc the serie is just to good ;3;

    47. RagingRaygun


    48. Ayakkusu McGill

      Rosa worried... Now I'm worried

    49. Psykoticgodd


    50. Monica

      We need a Gina and Amy video ASAP!

    51. ARKA DAS

      I guess... Everyone wants a girl who has a little of both Amy and Rosa in them

    52. The Delta 42

      Totes *dabs*

    53. Maicol

      The dab gets me every time

    54. Victor Ferreira

      P A T P A T

    55. Victor Ferreira

      P A T P A T

    56. gabi

      i love rosa so much 😌💅🏼

    57. IndependentVision

      I know this is about road and Amy but I busted out laughing when Gina screamed and flailed around like crazy in front of Amy's ex. 🤣🤣🤣

    58. Michael

      1:35 I DIED when Gina screamed at the guy

    59. Alduin

      Rosa= Chaotic Good; Amy= Lawful Good.

    60. nooobiechild

      That guy looks pretty kickable.. HEY, YOU!

    61. Aoife Casey

      But you can’t really call Hitchcock and scully a dude now

    62. Ivy Kolinsky

      You will stay util I dismiss you. Irene - music. Now spin

    63. Truly Random

      I'm just here to say, "BONE!!!"

    64. Ben Cox

      The interesting pastry focally approve because christmas accordantly book next a internal cello. purple, likeable brochure

    65. Marq Andre

      The BONE scene will always be one of the best scenes in B99 history

    66. TrapSkateLive

      Page 214... After Birth 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    67. robert craven

      Love how rosa doesn’t give a rat when Holt is shouting bone at her.

    68. BigRandomUn

      I despise the day that this show ends. The end of all these partnerships and moments. And also, for some reason, everyone in comments believes that they'll end it with 1 main character dying.

    69. The Lonely Pigeon


    70. Emma Cook

      i love Rosa n Amy - best duo.

    71. Matthew

      I will forever love the Captain Holt Bone scenes .

    72. etatwell1229

      “Is everything okay Santiago?” *And chaos ensues*

    73. jamie weatherson

      Ok, but who hears "FREE SHOTS" and carries a candle to the bar??

    74. Patrick Neal

      "I'll send you that article on mailboxes" "PLEASE don't"

    75. Chris

      Everybody shut up! Glub glub glub

    76. guesswho

      Its a babbling brook

    77. nobody Flores


    78. Alberto Cante

      During the "BONE" scene, you can see Rosa perfectly calm, while Amy craddles herself as rocks back & forth

    79. Fly-Orion

      I love how Amy gets progressively more distraught when Holt is ranting about “bone”

    80. Morgan Mishler

      "That guy looks kickable"

    81. Leah

      Blub blub blub blub

    82. Space Sloth

      I will never not laugh at half-cuban Jimmy neutron

    83. The Spartan-Sangheili

      I kinda want to know what's in the coma kit. 9:05

    84. Veronica Wexel

      The "BOOOOONE" plot is still hilarious.

    85. FiNNiK

      Amy is the preppy younger sister of Rosa who is the cool gothy jocky kid.

    86. SkrymNV

      I am you superior officer! BONEEEEE!!!😂😂

    87. Ar_ Tank

      "this book I found on Jake's desk" never thought I'd ever hear that😂

    88. Beauty Bliss

      Rosa: *crying* Amy: I dunno wut to do *pats* pat pat?

    89. Beauty Bliss

      No reason for this comment but I wish you could comment on ads Literally so random

    90. Dylan Fry

      6:26 Holt: BOOOONE

    91. R

      2:53 I gotta go with Sergio on this one 😁😁😁

    92. Katie Powell

      Her saying Boink. Makes me think of Jakes toit nups

    93. prashant xx

      I was about to add a comment about how Holt's BONE rant is in every video (and rightfully so) and I saw at least 20% of the comments were on the same topic.. Epic clip!!

    94. Anastasia Richardson

      Can’t wait to see Rosa with the same pin on her uniform that Amy has for helping deliver Mac 🥲

    95. Hailey R

      this show needs to come back asap

    96. doutorenigma

      I was brought here by youtube auto play, and every time this happens (youtube giving a view to a video I despise) I leave a comment. The show is not funny. Adam Sandberg is not funny. This two characters from the show are not funny, likeable or good actresses. The show got what it deserved: to be cancelled. It never deserved to be made in the first place. The show only existed cause someone with power decide to endulge the fantasy of Adam Sandberg that he is an actor or a funny person. The only likable character on the show was Terry Crews and yet you're able to no fully use him. He steal the show in married with kids, but I'm this show you managed to make him weak (as a character) and unfunny. I'll be happy once I can login to Netflix or IRflow and not be bombarded with this excuse for a comedy show.

      1. Friends 03

        @Palak Sharma I swearrr this person's how jobless to sit n actually rant about y u don't like the show😂😂

      2. Palak Sharma

        Bub, who hurt you?

    97. Solanne

      “Like some half-Cuban Jimmy Neutron” is absolutely one of the best lines in the history of television

    98. gently with a chainsaw

      I'm gay I ship it don't @ me

      1. gently with a chainsaw

        @Persephone kajira aww that's awesome :))

      2. Persephone kajira

        It works, I'm very Rosa and my GF is very Santiago 😘

    99. Fran Berrios

      6:11 When your big sister/brother has a discussion with your dad.

    100. Mitchell Anderson

      ...What makes the bar thing hilarious? She probably DID have to be that specific...