Gina Linetti being obsessed with herself for 8 minutes 25 seconds straight | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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    Queen of the Nine Nine: here's some of Gina Linetti's most impressively self-obsessed moments from Brooklyn's best human slash genius.
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    1. Alanna Devereux


    2. M K

      I love Gina. She’s awful. But hilarious.

    3. Jazel

      Gina linetti is the Michael Scott of b99

    4. Metal 1

      I hope Gina comes back for the final season

    5. Shubhika


    6. Hey There

      I'm in love wid her

    7. Soapy

      Gina deserves her own TV show.

    8. Henry Crabgrass

      I just can't seem to beginn to like her. She just throws me off

    9. Shanice Ngcobo

      I need to have the Gina Linetti state of mind. I would gain SO much self confidence ✨😌🥰

    10. Sandy Mladosich

      "I have to guess at some of the spellings" "ARNIE??!" 😂

    11. Emily Chang

      2:31 This plays in my mind 24/7

    12. Denise Santos

      I just love her

    13. KAY

      We all know Gina is the best character

    14. flamingmonkeyxii

      No one has mastered the "crack addled" and "dead inside" look at the same time quite like Chelsea.

    15. Vanesa Lo Dico

      Gina is my favourite character from this show, it's a shame she left. The show will never be the same without her.

    16. Love Loki

      Is no one gonna talk about Boyle's face at 6:54 while Gina's dancing 😂😂

    17. Vandana Subash

      Isn't Rosa a trained dancer? How come she never talked to Gina about dance?

      1. Brandon

        She also went to medical school and had a pilot's license.

      2. Ellie A

        She’s ashamed of her past

    18. aron jones


    19. 1035pm

      If someone could edit this show and remove every scene with this stupid cow in it...That would be amazing.

    20. Zoirgot Channel

      2:16 I don't how can they keep a straight face when gina is dancing

    21. Dave Ross

      Gina Linetti: The worst character ever on a tv show. Glad she is gone

    22. Mark Calloway

      Hope she comes back for the final episode of season 8 at least!

    23. Sam Stern

      Gina Linetti being obnoxious narcissist

      1. 180

        Yes, but funny to watch.

    24. Lauren

      Gina was the best! So many comments saying they don’t like her but here they are watching videos of her 😏

    25. loveloses

      Gina was my FAVORITE character long before she was written off. B99 was def NOT the same w/o her!

    26. Myeah Malalis

      “Now call my other grandmother” GOLD

    27. Aman Jaideoka

      Gina gives me confidence i never had😂

    28. Crab MTG

      The only thing I’m not good at is modesty; I’m great at it

    29. Sohum Khaladkar

      Gina is my queen!!. Missed her though.

    30. Lillian Rodriguez

      This has nothing to do about the video but the likes r 911 (one of them is mine) and dislikes r 9 and my ocd is going crazy rn I really feel the need to do a dislike so that it will be 910 and 10, both numbers with a total of 10 (9+1=10, 10=10) if u add the digits or whatever but someone needs to hurry up and like this so that I don’t go crazy and dislike this sacred video

    31. nitewanderer

      “I’m exquisite.”🤣

    32. Callum James

      I never noticed pete the first time. 2:00

    33. Reid Clawson

      We need to see an episode of Linetti Set Go

      1. Zétény Kondor


    34. Azra Çağı


    35. Aniket Ghosh Everything

      “I can’t imagine 99 without you” So me terry

      1. 111 222

        @Saul Vazquez shut up dude

      2. blep blop

        @Saul Vazquez No, i’m talking about your dream of wanting to be a coder. We don’t give two fucks. And by the way, you don’t have to keep correcting spelling errors or grammar mistakes, you’re not being funny or helpful. You do realize that not all of us are native english speakers? 😑

      3. blep blop

        @Saul Vazquez Okay, but no one asked? 🧍

      4. Aniket Ghosh Everything

        @Saul Vazquez you really want a job in a school, don’t you?

      5. Aniket Ghosh Everything

        @Saul Vazquez okay teacher... just let me pass this time

    36. Bashar Sheikh

      She is the most unfunny character ever, and her personality is awful.

      1. Ajla

        this comment section does not have a sense of humor...sad🤡🤡

      2. Zétény Kondor


      3. Bashar Sheikh

        @Rebecca Rachel Haha bad narcissistic girl golden comedy.

      4. Rebecca Rachel

        That’s what makes her funny...

      5. Daniel MZ

        I HATE her so much, main because of her narcissism

    37. N Mouning

      1:47 is me at my high-school reunion 🤣

    38. Shuja Gondal

      The only reason this show ended was ginas exit! It flopped after Gina left.

    39. Ravi Teja Jaladi

      Strictly .. Can anyone explain the Gina incident and what should Gina do there??😂😂😂😂😂😂

    40. Cham Storms

      You can see that besides all that meaning and sarcastic side, she's actually really smart and the fact that she just act "dumb" sometimes just to control them proves it

    41. MarMar93

      “Nothing bad ever happens to me, I have a crystal in my pocket at all times” where was that crystal when the bus hit you Gina 😅😅

      1. Artiste Ringarde

        “Yet here i am, standing before you completely fine”

      2. Landen Sit

        But she lived so hmmmmmmmmmmmm Also earlier in the episode she says: I would rather get hit by a bus then get another text from you(charles) Then when she gets a text from Charles and get hit by a bus seconds later which is really funny

      3. 쀵쀵귀염이

        that was karma playing out

      4. Jose Serrato

        That crystal gets exhausted working overtime for Gina. It took a 5 minute break

      5. stopautoclick

        And where was the crystal when you got stabbed

    42. Alex G Reid

      The psychologists studying her like: “This isn’t textbook narcissism. This is something completely different and beyond that...” 😂

      1. EisteePunk

        @ello luv xx I have to apologize, you are actually right. It's id not it. Was so sure about that.

      2. ello luv xx

        @EisteePunk i just wrote what the psychologists said lmao i know nothing about psychology

      3. EisteePunk

        @ello luv xx I belive its It not Id.

      4. ello luv xx

        "complete overlap of ego and id. its been theorized but I never thought I'd see it"

    43. Ada


    44. Sudhanshu Gupta

      I never understood the headphone incident

      1. Aotula Pongen

        @hazel lancaster that song was totally a Gina Vibe. I wanna listen

      2. hazel lancaster

        Terry was yelling at her (to ask for help or to call Holt maybe) but she's too busy vibing

    45. George Gerardi

      The "Arnie" part was fucking hilarious!

    46. YourPrinceNXT

      Gina should've never left. Please come back for the last season. Linetti forever.

      1. Guardian Of Peace


    47. Shot in the Heart

      I aspire to have her level of confidence

    48. Zeynep Güngör

      I miss Gina so much the show isn't the same without her

      1. ST TS

        I miss the season 1 and 2 weird Gina not the arrogant and cocky one

      2. Devin Spencer

        Part of me is actually glad she's gone. I love her, but there's really not much else they could do with her character. By the time she left, she had kinda been flanderized into a joke character who is somehow still always right and always wins. It was time for her to move on.

      3. Eliah Marley

        @TheMessiersAndromeda that's the point

      4. TheMessiersAndromeda

        Gina was the worst character on the show. Arrogant, rude, irritating and selfish

    49. George Gerardi

      God, I miss her. The show's kind of gone downhill without her around to insult Amy and be amazing.

      1. Bre

        @Horseman Pit 😂

      2. Horseman Pit

        @Natural Disaster Key told her to Peele.

      3. Natural Disaster

        Why'd she leave?

    50. Robert Dave Alonzo

      “Complete overlap of ego and id” Gina: I’m exquisite. 😂

    51. Megachicken 123

      I totally forgot Pete Davidson was in an episode

      1. Megachicken 123

        @Summer Wong yes. Yes we are

      2. Summer Wong

        Omg the student right!? (I hope we taking abt the same the same guy 😂)

    52. Ricky LaFleur

      OK I just understood that 💯 emoji. Its a grade. In French hundred is cent wich sounds the same as "sang" wich means blood. Truly breathtaking

    53. overall

      Only 14 comments

    54. SARA

      Gina Linetti for President 2k24

    55. mia p

      i aspire to have her level of self confidence and love

    56. Kt M

      “if people knew how smart I was... it would’ve been harder to control them” (camera pans to Terry)

    57. Rufat Rahmanov

      I said WATCH ME!

    58. Shreyas Sridharan

      "My mother cried the day i was born cause she knew, she would never be better than me" LMAOOOO

    59. dianaMidnighTdreary


    60. Skylex

      "The human form of 100 emoji"

    61. Aruna I

      " I think that I'm the Paris of people "

    62. Abhinav Bhattarai


    63. juliano kassab


    64. Ahmed Sheriff

      "The only thing I am not good at it is modesty because I'm great at it"....Gina Linetti ( the mean queen)

    65. Bau_Jemily Yay

      She’s always obsessed with herself it’s so amazing



    67. Ian Villemarette


      1. Ian Villemarette

        @Bre yay. A cookie.

      2. Bre


      3. Muffin Films