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    Jake Peralta (SNL and The Lonely Island's Andy Samberg) is a man of many talents and many alter egos, and here is a 10 minute video to back that claim.
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    1. VideoKilledTheHeros

      Oh eff!! I didn't catch it at first but that ME is Eric's mom! It was the "gross, bloating" that got me. So very Lisa

    2. Karl Sweeney

      This video isn't about his talents it's about his disguises

    3. Liezle Heath


    4. Salvador Ververa

      The burly decade proximally fade because plain nomenclaturally call as a terrible shrine. alluring, ossified ghost

    5. Toni Phillips

      The average anteater secondarily earn because cuban histologically radiate save a deserted health. marvelous, tightfisted sauce

    6. Mohammed Faraz

      Fuzzy is Pimento?!

    7. Mike Burke

      Found Arnie Hammers future wife

    8. Lego Gamorrean

      Jake is down bad

    9. Sriram Vemuri

      He should've called undercover Amy Dorsia as they clearly weren't able to get a reservation.

    10. Satherian

      I just realized that at 8:00, Judy call Peralta "Carl Mangison" which is just a play of his first fake name for Peralta "Mangy Carl"

    11. R.D. Bevan

      Waitress is getting onto that dead body vibe with Peralta

    12. rav3style

      At least in america and Canada there’s no copilot there’s a pilot and first officer and in many cases the copilot has more experience . Both are pilots and are qualified to fly the plane. I’m guessing that’s why the woman at the pilot lounge was suspicious.

    13. John Beck

      Nice to see the waitress In other shows

    14. Satherian

      Pausing at 8:58 gives you a good synopsis of B99

    15. Roseguardin

      I totally forgot about the dead body lady

    16. Ruben La Rochelle

      I love how IRflow is telling me this is from "Ted 2" because of the last scene with the teddy bear

    17. Rudro C

      When jake said thift store.. I was getting ready for Maclamore 😕

    18. Tom Jackson

      Ah yes Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta in ted 2

    19. Peeloff

      The waitress from Sunny

    20. vlover1500

      The fact that Jake's favorite cop movie is die hard is why he's my favorite character. Sorry Terry

    21. Superblobby

      Charlie’s gonna be pissed when he finds out Jake slept with the waitress

    22. Chad

      What languages do you speak: "Obviously Greek."

      1. 0Zer0

        @Alduin more like omega, because it's the last thing he'll ever see.

      2. Alduin

        Alpha beta gamma friend.

    23. Emma Ray

      I LOVE Amy’s ballroom dancing dress

    24. Your Buddy


    25. hannAHA! !

      his lawyer, carl mangerson. aka mangy carl

    26. apurva

      Please have my children 😂😂😂

    27. Raul Rosas

      "please have my children"

    28. Jayashri Ramachandran

      2:49 I love Judy's smile

    29. InTurtleBleeting


    30. gamerstime 127

      why is Ted 2 here?

    31. M Slein

      But.... That's not from Fievel goes West....,

    32. Mordr3d

      It is nearly like hes an actor

    33. Swicks Swicks

      “Please have my children” 💀

    34. direxie

      8:36 Gets me every single time lmao

      1. Boomblabla poof poof


    35. Krystal LP

      This is just Jake being adroable for 10 min and 12 sec

    36. E Presley

      I was supposed to finish my work this evening. Instead I’ve spent it watching all your amazing videos!

    37. Brijraj Shetty

      Jake lying down as a mangled body is underrated hilarious.

      1. Chuchai

        Finally cracked when he said "here we go!"😂

    38. suspicious blue orange

      The teddy bear has the same backstory as pimento

      1. Stellar Panda

        Color my mind blown.

      2. GraffitiTurtle

        oh my god you’re right

    39. Utter Queer Nightmare

      9:09 Holt! Jesus Christ, what happened to your legs!!!

    40. nickcool2901

      if Brooklyn 99 is so good why isn't there a Brooklyn 100

      1. samyra


    41. Umbra Noir

      The fact they didn't get Macklemore's thrift shop for the thrift store scene is criminal.

      1. TWRLS92

        Is, is this a pun? Y'know, because they're cops

    42. 1905parth

      That french was very bad tho.


      Time stamps with Episodes names please

    44. Anahita Madon

      9:14 I love how much Jake gets into it lol

    45. Anjulee Boralessa

      @ 9.15 Amy slowly dying

    46. rishabh goel

      "Don't walk away from meee..."

    47. Bridie Carli-seebohm

      I was shipping Peraltiago since 1x01

      1. Casper the doggo

        I went full Boyle too

      2. Bridie Carli-seebohm

        Saeed Hussain hahaha

      3. Saeed Hussain


    48. Kayla Song

      Every time it cuts to Jake pretending to be a dead body I die of laughter 😂😂

    49. zhannell

      Jake’s white “criminal” outfit slaps so hard tho

    50. Maisie Summers

      8:59 Daaaaaamn

    51. Annushka Noor

      "I'll be rump tum tugger." "No Boyle no characters from Cats think of something scarier." *there is nothing scarier than Cats*

      1. braian gomez

        Cats 2

      2. HV

        Cats... Bumhole edition

      3. Blake Hearn

        Especially the movie.

    52. Milli Macro


      1. Thenjiii xx


    53. Mick Lynch

      Jake and the Pontiac Bandit’s friendship is my favorite thing in the whole show

    54. Frankie Duffy

      Charles really suggested the code name “Adolf Hitler” for himself

    55. An Pham

      At first, I thought that they were going make a reference to one of Andy’s song; “Finest Girl(Bin laden)”

    56. Fred Bannister

      8:59 one of the best slo-mos of the show!

    57. Fred Bannister

      “think of something scary” “Adolf Hitler” LMAOSKDDJWJFBDK

    58. Ethan Sokol

      0:09 Is that the waitress from Its always sunny?

      1. Kendall Curry

        Yeah 🤣

    59. Tim


    60. wifis down

      Je taime means I love you though

    61. Catherine Qu

      The writers of this show are gods i swear

      1. Michelle Tran

        They will truly be gods if they can fix the storyline to be acceptable with the current social climate in the US.

      2. Poppy Mills

        Omg yeah they are 😂😂😂

      3. Tatum Freeman

        Andy Samberg, who plays Jake, is one of the writers and producers :)

      4. Patrick Shutt

        Catherine Qu I agree with that statement because at first glance, you think that the writing and the presentation of the show is going to be so childish and juvenile and cater tot he lowest common denominator of their fan base, but when you dive headfirst into it and realize just how smart and intelligent it is and part of that is how Sandberg’s Paralta carries it like he does. Like in the pilot episode illustrated by the Sarge to new captain Raymond Holt, “Paralta is my best detective, loves solving any puzzle, now if he can solve the one puzzle of ‘growing up’.” That theme is what brought this entire show home for me and thus made the writers the gods of the room that we have known them to be.

    62. Frightening Genius

      Andy Samberg is one of the few people who are in the *" people who look like 28 but are more than 45 "* group along with Paul Rudd, Keanu reeves, Tom cruise and eminem

      1. Nath

        Actually Craig Robinson (Doug Judy) looks really young and doesnt seem his age either. Hes 44-45 here but seems late 20s to early 30s.

      2. overall

        Keanu reeves looks 40

      3. Chaotic brain dead Rat

        Everyone in Hollywood is a vampire

      4. Christine Lin

        Not Tom Cruise or Eminem. They both look like Hollywood 60

      5. fish bloop 💕

        Matthew Grubler

    63. TheGamer

      You know what to do.... Fievel

      1. mister sandman

        *rips it off

      2. Liz Browning

        Maaz Malik his mom put this stupid braid in my hair

      3. Maaz Malik

        @Fred Bannister you guys having fun Cuz i am not

      4. Fred Bannister


      5. ich habe hunger 2

        @Maaz Malik PAPAAA

    64. Trip Diz

      “Jake Peralta: the man of many talents” title of his sex tape with Amy

      1. drew jacoby


    65. shaZam

      The waitress moved to Brooklyn and became a Medical Examiner to get away from Charlie and the gang lmao

    66. fmdof

      I was hesitant clicking on this, after the last comedy bites video I saw about parks and rec, that featured loud obnoxious out of place music, and large text for some reason. Hope that person got canned, cause this is back to normal.

      1. Genkiz

        Jack Kerrigan still doesn’t justify the other guy wanting him to get fired

      2. Jack Kerrigan

        Edward Cotterill it is childish, but it is also the editors job to make the video enjoyable for the fans of the channel and not make things they wouldn’t enjoy

      3. Edward Cotterill

        You want someone to get fired because you didn't like the way a video was edited? Fuckin grow up mate

    67. Jonathan Nagel

      Who is the French blonde bartender - the voice sounds so familiar, but I can’t place the face!?...

      1. Jonathan Nagel

        shaZam Thanks! I guess I’ve seen her before somewhere, but 100% not what I thought. Someone on the crew must be a fan of hers?...

      2. shaZam

        Elle Russ

    68. Cucumber Watermelon

      You should make a Leslie Knope vs Santiago video on their binder-making/loving skills!!!

      1. Axeraw3

        @HeyMyLifeIsLibby noooo a gina vs donna complication

      2. HeyMyLifeIsLibby

        I need a Gina vs. April video. 😂😂😂

      3. Cucumber Watermelon

        Yeah but either way they’re both obsessed xD

      4. Abhijith S

        Leslie knope will win hands down

    69. jemma


    70. Rebecca Rich

      Man I haven't thought about that medical examiner plotline in a while

      1. flo cooke

        time to rewatch from season 1

    71. Joshua Yan

      "Think of something scary" "Adolf Hitler"

      1. Duke Wild

        What about Stalin

      2. XIIIkatanas


      3. Alicia Kim

        I mean, Boyle wasn’t wrong.


      its the best!

    73. TJ Srisawat

      Cant believe PETA havent tried to attack Pews yet for all the animal abuse.

    74. Joe Jackson

      Undercover bear needs his own spinoff.

    75. McTurtleFace

      what is the song for the slow mo jake in white suit

      1. Ananya Murali

        LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out

    76. wifi


    77. Lacey Brown

      Brooklyn nin3 nine

    78. Lacey Brown

      Jake roser amy hult terry chouls

    79. NanoAlpha


    80. Gosse Ling

      4 days, ewww bloating smells

    81. Shi The Uchiha

      I would have said the same thing 2:34

    82. Harry Bottrell


    83. Everett Johnson

      When you don't actually watch the show but just binge Comedy Bites.

      1. Dylan Buttigieg

        That's how I started

      2. George

        Everett Johnson thats great to hear! Which season are u at?

      3. fish bloop 💕

        Yeah same. Netflix is retarded and doesn’t have b99 for america so I have to rely on these

      4. Mae Wobniar

        Everett Johnson YAY! 🎊🎊🎊

      5. Everett Johnson

        Just started watching and it is AMAZING!

    84. Star Man

      Jake being able to get Amy to marry him shows he’s the most talented man in all of Brooklyn.

      1. Soham Bubukwar

        In real life too

      2. DAN THE SHEEP


      3. cece eatsall

        They're different types of huge dork. Kinda perfect.

      4. Titli Roy

        Exactly 😂 The only one who could finally have Amy's heart

      5. Erings Grace

        @lily x I came here to comment this lol

    85. Abi

      Who can't wait for Brooklyn 99 Season 8?

      1. Moses Tan

        Reyana Bhojwani no its confirmed that the show is renewed for season 8

      2. Amir Zakwan

        Estimated release on fall next year

      3. Altagracia Arias

        Gytis aww poor thing didn’t know

      4. Gytis


      5. Deb G

        @Reyana Bhojwani Nope! It was renewed for season 8.

    86. Graham S

      At 2:30 Rosa rips the whole braid out, not just where she cut. 😂

      1. HarryBlock_

        She hella strong

    87. Nico Neeks

      Ayyooo early ganngg

    88. brybry


    89. Paola Herrera


    90. PbyFortress


    91. Yannick Lewy


    92. Tomas Nobre


      1. nagytoe